In House Academy,Mumbai (2 Day Program)

2 Day Certificate Course in Cosmetology

Course Module

2 Days (17 Teaching Hours) Intensive Course

Theory Cum Hands On Advance Cosmetic Procedures

Day 1 Schedule

Pre lunch session: Introduction to Skin, Hair, Body, Anatomy & Physiology.

Post lunch session: Introduction of Cosmetology, theory and demo of microdermabrasion, RF, mesotherapy , ultrasound and dermaroller.

Day 2 Schedule

Pre lunch session: theory and Demo of laser applicationĀ  in skin rejuvenation,hair removal & pigmentation with IPL

Post lunch session:Theory of hair fall and hair regrowth,treatments with laser comb and laser helmet, basic hygiene and client counselling.

After the completion of this Course practical exams of all topics taught was conducted.