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Current Issue

June 2014

Dermatology Today

Populations across the world are paying the price for development in form of functional issues in every organ system, but the skin pays the heaviest price as it is the first point of contact for every possible microbe or toxin.


The global dermatology market was estimated at $19 billion in 2008, and the Indian dermatology market was estimated at $593 million in 2012. The dermatology market is quite vast, ranging from prescription to over the counter medicines. This includes both treatment for skin disorders, including burns, fungal infections, wounds, and conditions like eczema, psoriasis etc, to cosmetic dermatology with products like Botox, Latisse, Juvederm etc. The potential for both the streams is massive. The importance of skin has increased in recent years. With successful surgery, treatment of surgical scars and other wounds has become an equally important area. Patients today are willing to pay forstate-of-the-art treatments and companies can continue to tap into this highly lucrative market by carving out their niche in the overall derma segment.


The forecast remains that the future of dermatology market has huge potential as the total number of dermatologists have almost doubled in last five years, and that clinical dermatology will remain the mainstay, whereas aesthetics/cosmetology segment will prosper even in the rural areas because of increased awareness and availability of knowledgeable/skilled doctors.


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